‘America First’ founder: Genderless flight attendant uniforms ‘make me wish we had Taliban rule in America’

During a recent livestream, America First founder Nick Fuentes gave his thoughts on a news story about Virgin Atlantic’s scrapping of gendered uniforms for its employees, saying that he’d prefer Taliban rule in the U.S. “to this” — while throwing in some of his well-known racism to boot.

“You want to know why? Because at least if Black people were fighting at the airport, they’d get their hands cut off, and there’d be no guys wearing high heels as flight attendants — maybe they’d be women in burkas, but wouldn’t that be preferable?”

“Think about it — what would you prefer?” he continued. “Because I know I sound crazy when I say that. I know people say I sound like an insane person, but who’s more insane? What is really insane here?”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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