An arrest warrant was just issued for Bill Cosby in 2004 sexual assault case

Authorities announced Wednesday morning that former comedian Bill Cosby will face felony charges of “first degree aggravated indecent assault” in an alleged 2004 sexual assault.

Pennsylvania prosecutors said they have issued an arrest warrant for Cosby, just beating the statute of limitations deadline in January, for the alleged drugging and sexually assaulting former Temple employee Andrea Constand at his Elkins Park, Pennsylvania mansion.

Cosby has contended his sexual relationship with Constand was consensual, even though she says she’s gay and was in a committed relationship with a woman at the time of the assault.

“Obviously we appreciate the expression of confidence in her,” says Dolores Troiani of her client, Constand, 42, who is now a massage therapist in Ontario, Canada.

“We’ll have to see what happens. We hope justice will be done. We will cooperate fully,” Cosby’s attorneys said in a statement to People Magazine.

According to reports, Cosby befriended Constand, who was then a Temple Univeristy employee, often discussing women’s basketball and inviting her to dinner parties. Two years later, he invited her to his home under the guise of giving her career advice. It was then that Cosby allegedly drugged and assaulted her.

Cosby “then offered [her] three blue pills, which he told her were herbal medication, which would help her relax,” the suit said. Constand took the pills with bottled water and within a short period of time, her “knees began to shake, her limbs felt immobile, she felt dizzy and weak, and she began to feel only barely conscious,” according to the lawsuit.

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