Anderson Cooper to Trump supporter: ‘I’ve spent more time overseas than you have in your little life!’

In an exchange with a Donald Trump supporter that immediately went over the rails Thursday night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper snapped at former president of Trump Productions Andy Dean when he tried to defend Trump’s answer to a bigoted supporter in Rochester, New Hampshire this week.

Cooper asked Dean about Trump saying “we’re going to be looking at that” after the man said Muslims are “a problem in this country” and “we all know our current President is one.” Trump outright failed to correct the man or condemn his comments.

Dean claimed that it’s “not accurate at all” to say that Trump said “we’re going to be looking at Muslims,” instead saying that the current GOP frontrunner was referring to training camps for Muslim terrorists.

“You may laugh it off,” Dean said, before Cooper interrupted. “But there are potential reports of Muslim radicals…”

“Andy, I’ve spent more time overseas than you ever have in your little life, so don’t tell me about I’m laughing this stuff off,” Cooper said.

The conversation deteriorated from there.

Later on Twitter, Cooper apologized for losing his cool.

Watch the exchange in the video below:

[Talking Points Memo] Featured image via YouTube

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