Andrea Bocelli backs out of performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony

Responding to a huge backlash on social media, Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli has backed out of performing at president-elect Donald Trump‘s inauguration ceremony.

Stories claiming Trump’s inaugural committee is having trouble securing A-list performers for the event are widespread, including The Wrap‘s shocking report that Trump’s team has offered “six to seven-figure” enticements and even government appointments to get a big name on the lineup.

According to The Daily Beast, Bocelli was personally courted by Trump, who is known to be a big fan, and was reportedly considering the idea. But after disappointed fans on social media lashed out, Bocelli is out.

From The Daily Beast:

Page Six reported Tuesday evening that Bocelli would no longer be performing, with a source telling the column: “Bocelli said there was no way he’d take the gig… he was ‘getting too much heat’ and he said no.”

However, Page Six also suggested that the president-elect had a hand in the decision, adding that another source said: “Trump suggested to Bocelli he not participate because of the backlash. It’s sad people on the left kept him from performing on a historic day.”

The withdrawal of Andrea Bocelli, who became blind at the age of 12 following a football accident, leaves a gaping hole at the heart of the inauguration, however, he had little choice, with fans taking to social media to protest his participation and the hashtag #BoycottBocelli gathering steam.

Before Bocelli’s withdrawal, the hashtag #BoycottBocelli started to catch traction:

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