Angry Democrats descend on Jill Stein’s Twitter account

As Donald Trump surged to the presidency this Tuesday night, shocked Democratic voters stumbled to understand how the election unexpectedly slipped through their fingers.

Rightly or wrongly, many are directing their anger towards third-party candidates, namely Jill Stein, who’s special brand of pandering possibly siphoned away crucial progressive votes from Hillary Clinton.

Thinking of this, I popped over to Stein’s Twitter account. It’s been about an hour since Hillary conceded and Stein’s Twitter has been silent for about 5 hours, but the comment threads on Stein’s recent posts are a different story.

Although the pro-Stein contingent is present, it’s oddly muted, as if they’re mulling over what just happened. Everything else is a palpable anger.

Below is a sampling:

Sky Palma

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