Angry man storms ‘Just Stop Oil’ protest and violently shoves female protester to the ground

A man has been caught on camera angrily going after marching protesters from the environmental group “Just Stop Oil.”

Video posted to Twitter shows the protesters walking down a London street as a man comes up behind them and starts ripping their banners from their hands. At one point the man knocks a cellphone from another person who was recording.

The man continues to rip banners from the hands of protesters and violently throws one protester, who appears to be a woman, to the ground. He shoves a few more protesters as well.

According to the BBC, Just Stop Oil has been holding daily “slow-march protests” on roads since April 24 — a campaign that has sparked public anger from motorists and pedestrians alike. The group is also known for defacing art and architecture with orange paint.

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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