Animal abuser caught on video throwing dog over 7-ft razor wire fence is arrested and charged

A California man who was caught on security video throwing a dog over a 7-foot razor razor fence and then willfully abandoning it is now behind bars, a local NBC News station reported.

Robert Ruiz Jr., 30, was caught on video throwing the pit bull mix over the fence into a cell tower enclosure last month. The video, which drew shock and outrage online, shows the dog’s back paws clip the razor wire as he’s careening over the fence.

As KMIR-TV points out, workers called Riverside County Animal Services to retrieve the dog. An investigation led to the arrest of Ruiz this Thursday. The dog, previously named KO, was treated for mucus discharge from both his eyes, KTLA reported. Ruiz was identified because the dog was microchipped.

At the home Ruiz was arrested at, Riverside County Animal Services officers seized a 1-year-old female pit bull mix and brought her to the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus.

Ruiz faces several charges, including felony animal cruelty and a misdemeanor for abandoning the dog.

Sky Palma

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