Ann Coulter rips Sean Hannity: ‘If Trump endorsed communism, he would too’

In a column for her website this Wednesday, Ann Coulter lashed out at Fox News host Sean Hannity, calling him a Trump sycophant who would “endorse communism” if Trump endorsed it.

Coulter was already upset with Hannity over an interview she did on his show where he edited out her criticism of Trump’s hiring Goldman Sachs executives to his Cabinet. In a back-and-forth on Twitter, Coulter accused Hannity of censorship and he responded by telling her to “cut the b.s.”

In her column, Coulter said Trump’s preference for  Goldman Sachs executives is tantamount to “voluntarily getting an AIDS transfusion,” since it betrays those who voted him into office.

“Sean Hannity, bless his heart, has the zeal of the late Trump convert,” she wrote. “He would endorse communism if Trump decided to implement the policies of ‘The Communist Manifesto.’ (Which the GOP’s health care bill actually does!)”

Coulter mocked Hannity’s excuse for editing out her comments about Trump’s chief economic adviser and former Goldman Sachs COO Gary Cohn, writing, “It may not be evident to most viewers, but three minutes MUST be left at the end of every Hannity show for Nerf ball throwing.”

“With the zealotry of those who came late to the Trump party, Hannity fully endorsed Trump’s faith in Cohn, adding, ‘I never got a job from a poor man!'”

“Those of us who have been here for a while — unlike Cruz- and Rubio-supporting Hannity — know how to party responsibly,” she continued. “The best way we serve the people we admire is to tell them the truth. (Someday, no doubt, Nancy Pelosi will wish she had been surrounded by fewer Yes Men.)”

Yesterday afternoon, Hannity responded in a tweet, saying, “Ann, [you] fall in and out of love with Christie Romney Trump and how many others. Frankly you just bore me.”

Coulter, who enthusiastically endorsed Trump during the 2016 campaign and wrote the book “In Trump We Trust,” has soured on the President as of late. In an interview with The Daily Caller this May, she said she voted for him knowing that his “personality was grotesque,” but was more focused on the issues he represented. Now, “things don’t look good.”

“I’m not very happy with what has happened so far,” Coulter said. “I guess we have to try to push him to keep his promises. But … if he doesn’t keep his promises I’m out.”

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