Ann Coulter: ‘The pro-life movement is cruel to mothers’

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter is has taken an adversarial stance towards the pro-life movement and slammed the state of Texas after its Republican-dominated Supreme Court ruled that a woman could not have an abortion, even though her pregnancy poses a significant risk to her health.

Kate Cox, 31, found that the fetus she carries has trisomy 18, a condition that usually results in stillbirth or the newborn’s death soon after birth. She was told that if she continues with the pregnancy, her fertility, and even her life could be in danger.

“The prolife movement has gone from compassion for the child to cruelty to the mother (and child),” Coulter wrote on X.

“Trisomy 18 is not a condition that is compatible with life,” Coulter added.

Coulter has historically been anti-abortion. As HuffPost points out, she wrote in 2012 that abortion should be illegal “in most other cases” except for rape or incest. As recently as April, she described herself as an “anti-abortion zealot.”

But in recent years, she has criticized the Republican Party’s extremism on the issue.

“If we don’t bind and gag these pro-life militants, in about two more election cycles, we’ll have no Republicans in office anywhere,” Coulter wrote in April, adding: “Good luck saving babies then!”

The Texas Supreme Court ruled that Cox does not qualify for an abortion under state laws based on her doctor’s “good faith belief” that she needs the procedure.

“The statute requires that judgment be a ‘reasonable medical’ judgment, and Dr. (Damla) Karsan has not asserted that her ‘good faith belief’ about Ms. Cox’s condition meets that standard,” the Court wrote in its opinion.

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