Ann Coulter thinks Israel-style sniper killings on the Mexican border are a good idea

As half of the Western world grapples with the moral implications of a major ally using live ammunition against protesters — resulting in over 50 teenagers and young adults dead, the other half doesn’t seem to be losing any sleep over what happened on the Gaza border this Monday.

One of those people who have no qualms with Israel’s rules of engagement is conservative bomb thrower and all-round horrible person Ann Coulter.

In a tweet from this Monday, Coulter linked to an article from The New York Times, which gave a breaking news report on the carnage in Gaza.

“Can we do that?” Coulter wrote, apparently suggesting Israel’s tactics could be utilized in the U.S. at the Mexico border.

Naturally, the tweet got a lot of engagement — much of it showing the revulsion of people offended by her remark.

One person claimed to have reported Coulter’s tweet to Twitter:

Which started a pattern:

The clashes, which marked the deadliest day in the region since the 2014 Gaza war, has widened the gulf between the U.S. and the rest of the world, as the majority of U.N. countries expressed anger over the killings.

“While recognizing the right to protect its borders, we expect Israel to respect the fundamental right to peaceful protests and the principle of proportionality in the use of force when defending its legitimate security interest,” the EU members of the Security Council said in a statement.

According to a piece in CNN Politics this Tuesday, some think Democrats may be shifting in their views on Israel.

While the Republican Party has become more pro-Israel recently, it’s unclear whether the Democratic Party will be able to maintain a pro-Israel tilt.

Today, the Pew Research Center finds Democrats are less pro-Israel than they’ve been in decades. That drop has occurred in a period of just two years since 2016.

While views like Coulter’s are particularly ghoulish, there are a growing number of Israel supporters who are having second thoughts about giving carte blanche to the Jewish State’s right-wing government.

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