Another internet-famous bigot finds herself unemployed

A North Dakota woman who won internet fame after video of her threatening three Somali women went viral has now lost her job.

This week, a video showing Amber Hensley of Mapleton berating three Somali women after they allegedly parked their car too close to hers at a local Walmart was shared widely across the internet, resulting in Hensley losing her job at a CPA firm this Wednesday according to local news reports.

Hensley has since apologized for the incident, saying that she lost her cool. According to WDAY, witnesses say Hesley was visibly upset at customer service inside the Walmart well before the incident took place, yelling at the manager to hire people who speak English. When she got out to the parking lot, she reportedly was upset that the three women were parked too close to her car. When Hensley confronted the driver, she allegedly made fun of her crossed eyes.

“Then she said, ‘I see the problem in your eyes, that is why you can’t see.’ I just ignored it,” Leyla Hassan told WDAY. As the argument continued, Hensley resorted to death threats.

“She said ‘I am going to kill you guys,'” said Rowda Soyan, who was also involved in the incident. In the video, which was uploaded in segments to Snapchat, Hensley tells the women to “go home,” adding that “we are going to kill everyone of ya.”

Another woman involved in the incident said Hensley at one point pointed to a Trump sticker on her car and told her Muslims would be deported.

“The way she was staring at me — that was really scary,” Amber Hassan told the Pioneer Press. “That’s why we had to call the police and tell them about everything.”

According to Heavy, Hensley is a vocal Trump supporter on social media.

In the wake of her firing, the CPA firm where Hensley was employed released the following statement:

“Horab & Wentz does not agree with or support the statements expressed by Amber Hensley in the recently posted video. She does not represent or reflect the views of Horab & Wentz,” the firm said in a statement. “Ms. Hensley is no longer employed with Horab & Wentz effective immediately. Amber was employed as a secretary and was not a CPA.”

Watch the video below:

Heavy reports that Hensley met with Leyla and Sarah Hassan in an attempt to reconcile. According to a statement posted to Facebook by the Fargo Police Department, “Amber Hensley, Sarah Hassan and Leyla Hassan have all expressed regret regarding their interaction and language with each other.”

“Of course, everybody makes mistakes, you know,” Sarah Hassan previously told the Pioneer Press. “If she said ‘sorry,’ of course, we’re going to accept her. And maybe she had a bad day. We don’t want to increase the problem. People are following her now and saying mean stuff to her, too. Whatever happens, she’s a human being in the end.”

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