‘Anti-5G’ necklaces are actually giving conspiracy theorists radiation poisoning

Dutch nuclear experts are warning that a product marketed to conspiracy theorists claiming to protect them from the alleged effects of 5G networks is actually emitting harmful radiation, the BBC reports

The Dutch authority for nuclear safety and radiation protection identified 10 products that they say could cause long term harm, which included an “Energy Armor” sleeping mask, bracelet and necklace. A bracelet for children from a company called “Magnetix Wellness” was also found to be emitting radiation.

“Don’t wear it any more, put it away safely and wait for the return instructions,” the safety agency [ANVS] said in a statement. “The sellers in the Netherlands known to the ANVS have been told that the sale is prohibited and must be stopped immediately, and that they must inform their customers about this.”

“Exposure to ionising radiation can cause adverse health effects,” the statement said. “Due to the potential health risk they pose, these consumer products containing radioactive materials are therefore prohibited by law. Ionising radiation can damage tissue and DNA and can cause, for example, a red skin. Only low levels of radiation have been measured on these specific products. However, someone who wears a product of this kind for a prolonged period (a year, 24 hours a day) could expose themselves to a level of radiation that exceeds the stringent limit for skin exposure that applies in the Netherlands. To avoid any risk, the ANVS calls on owners of such items not to wear them from now on.”

Conspiracy theories about 5G began to pop up after governments around the world started to build the infrastructure for 5G internet. According to conspiracy theorists, 5G causes a range of health problems, but so far there is no evidence for this claim. 

One of the products cited by the Dutch agency claims to “utilize pure minerals and volcanic ash that are extracted from the Earth,”in order to protect the wearer from 5G. 

Sky Palma

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