Anti-Abortion Center Caught Giving False Information About Morning After Pill (VIDEO)

In an exclusive story from today, undercover video taken by a pro-choice activist at an Ohio anti-abortion clinic shows a counselor giving false information in regards to emergency contraception.

In the video, 24 year-old Katie Stack tells a counselor at Cleveland’s Womankind “maternal and prenatal care” center that she didn’t use condoms with her boyfriend the day before, and then inquires about a “pill you can take to not get pregnant.”

After some initial confusion, the counselor inaccurately replies, “It sounds like the morning after pill. If you have intercourse and take this pill and it causes a period to come on or something, or bleeding — it’s like having kind of an abortion.”

“That could harm you. It could really harm you,” the counselor adds. “You could hemorrhage from anything like that.”

There is no evidence from any study to demonstrate that emergency contraception causes any of these extreme side effects.

Stack is a pro-choice activist and patients’ advocate at an Ohio abortion clinic and is also the founder of the Crisis Project, which films undercover video anti-abortion pregnancy centers, often capturing the medically-suspect advice that they disseminate.

Irin Carmon of writes:

Whether the counselor was misinformed or intentionally misleading, her advice on emergency contraception was false. The so-called morning after pill, or emergency contraception, has been shown only to block ovulation to prevent fertilization after unprotected sex; it’s decidedly not an abortion.

Watch Stack’s undercover footage in the videos below.

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