Anti-Bundy protesters camp out every day in the bitter cold to taunt Oregon occupiers

A couple in Oregon are sleeping in a tent to taunt the Oregon militants and show them that their occupation will not continue much longer. The couple wants to be the first faces the Oregon militants see every day as their occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge continues.

The couple, identified as Candy Henderson and her companion, Jay, have protested the militant’s occupation of public land since it began nearly three weeks ago.

Kieran Suckling, the Executive Director of Center for Biological Diversity, wrote about the couple on the Center’s Facebook page.


“They are here, they say, because our laws and public land deserve the dignity and protection of people standing up peacefully yet forcefully against those who would steal them at gunpoint,” wrote Suckling.

According to Suckling, the couple wants to show the militia their dedication by always being present. They camp right outside of the refuge and stand outside to protest the entire day. Suckling said he offered to buy the couple a hotel room, but they refused, explaining that the militants must see protestors at all times.

“We’ll also peacefully confront the Bundy militia at the buildings and land they have taken from us all by armed force,” said Suckling. “We believe that is what Martin Luther King, Jr. would do. We must bear witness to this great injustice and show the militia thugs that America won’t be scared away from its public lands by guns and threats.”

Featured image via Facebook

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