Anti-gay preacher: Australia’s wildfires are God’s punishment for the country banning me from entering

According to Christian hate pastor Steven Anderson, those deadly brushfires in Australia are a result of God’s wrath for “banning and deporting preachers of the Gospel.” That ban includes the rabidly anti-LGBTQ Anderson, who has, in fact, been banned from 33 countries.

Anderson’s hateful and disturbing rhetoric has resulted in him being banned in all of Europe’s Schengen States, Botswana, Jamaica, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada, LGBTQNation reports.

This Friday, he took to Facebook to voice his discontent, posting images of the brushfires and writing:

“Maybe if Australia weren’t banning and deporting preachers of the Gospel, they wouldn’t be under the judgment of God.”

Maybe if Australia weren't banning and deporting preachers of the Gospel, they wouldn't be under the judgment of God.

Posted by Faithful Word Baptist Church on Friday, January 3, 2020

The brushfires have created horrific damage, having scorched nearly 15 million acres. At least half a billion animals have died in the fires and 1300 houses have been destroyed and 24 people have been killed.

Anderson found out about the ban after he tried to enter the country in July when he was scheduled to speak at the New Life Baptist Church alongside Pastor Kevin Sepulveda.

“I just got word back today that basically, I’m banned from Australia,” Anderson informed his YouTube audience, noting that his Electronic Travel Authority “was denied by Australia. “I’m not going to be permitted to enter the country.”

Featured image via screen grab/YouTube


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