Anti-Gay Radio Host Bryan Fischer Seems Evasive when Alan Colmes Grills Him on ‘Gay Impulses’ (VIDEO)

Amazingly, Alan Colmes was able to obtain a recent interview with controversial Evangelical Christian radio host Bryan Fischer. During the interview with the famously anti-gay radio host, Colmes asked Fischer if he’s had any of the “gay impulses” he claims are simply a matter of choice.

“Alan, I am not going to talk about my personal life,” Fischer said. “Alan, I’m not going to go there. Give it a rest, Alan. We’re not going to talk about that.”

“It’s a simple yes or no question,” Colmes pushed back. “Because maybe if you’ve been able to overcome your gay impulses and you’ve been successful in doing it, you could be a model for other people you’d like to see act the same way.”

Curiously, Fischer went on to explain that he believes “everybody experiences sexual impulses” that would “destroy them” if acted upon. When Colmes asked for an example from Fischer’s own experience, the evangelical radio host seemed evasive.

“You’ve experienced them, I’ve experienced them. Every man, every woman has experienced certain sexual impulses that, if they acted on them, if they conducted themselves by yielding to those impulses, it would destroy them,” Fischer replied.

Challeging Fischer on the absurdity of his comment, Colmes responded: “I don’t think I’ve ever had sexual impulses that would destroy the society or the culture or make me a deviant in some way.”

The liberal host continued to press Fischer. “I wonder what impulses you’re talking about. If you’ve had them, I’d love to know what they are.”

Listen to their interesting exchange in the video below.

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