Anti-masker tells county board she’s a victim of discrimination: ‘I’m treated like a diseased leper’

A video from a September 17 meeting of the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners in Kansas City is making the rounds online, thanks to a woman’s comments where she said she’s a victim of discrimination because she chooses not to wear a mask.

“I could say a lot about my time in Johnson County not wearing a mask, which is my choice as a free individual, but I’ll boil it down to one point, which is discrimination,” the woman said.

According to her, the discrimination she faces as an “unmasked individual” has “nothing to do with a virus, and has everything to do with how we treat one another.”

“I am discriminated against every single day in my count now. Sometimes multiple times a day,” she continued. “I’m told, ‘Stand back! Stand back!’ ‘You don’t care about other people,’ ‘You can’t come in here,’ ‘Ma’am! Ma’am! Excuse me, ma’am, you have to wear a mask!’ And the best one: ‘Leave.’”

She then told a story about taking a package into FedEx and being asked to stand away from the counter as the employee helped her — like she was a “diseased leper.”

“This is the division that has been created by you guys allowing these mandates to continue,” the woman told the commissioners. “You guys are dividing us every day, more and more.”

Watch the video below:

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