Anti-maskers assault store worker, call the cops — end up catching their own arrest on video

This Wednesday, the owner of cookie store in Eugene, Oregon, was assaulted by a couple of anti-maskers who entered her store carrying a camera phone. At one point, one of the anti-maskers pushed the store owner, prompting her to retrieve a bat for self-defense. A fight ensued, and the anti-maskers called the police, hoping to have the store owner arrested, but things didn’t go as planned.

From KEZI9:

The video shows the two going into the cookie store and the owner is heard saying they can’t be in there because they don’t have masks on. That’s when the man says businesses have to serve the public and the owner repeatedly asks them to leave.

You can see the owner of Crumb Together try to point them to the door. The woman shoves the owner, who goes behind the counter to grab a baseball bat, but the man and woman again refused to leave. In the video, you can see the woman grab the bat, starting a physical fight between the three.

Police said Collin and Hall flagged down officers who were nearby following the assault and provided the video of the incident for officers to review. That’s when officers took them both into custody for third-degree assault. Collin was also charged with third-degree robbery for reportedly walking away with the bat.


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