Anti-vaxxer ‘warrior mom’: If vaccines are so great, ‘why aren’t they mentioned in the bible?’

As someone who keeps a fairly close eye on internet quackery, this Tuesday marks the first time I’ve ever come across Brittany Kara‘s content. After watching a video mashup of her put together by a pro-vaccine Facebook page, I had to double-check to make sure what I was viewing wasn’t satire. As far as I can tell, Kara is the real deal.

According to her bio on Amazon, Kara is an author, certified master NLP practitioner (go ahead and google that), hypnotherapist, nutrition coach, and mother. The bio adds that she “specializes in teaching people how to detoxify their lives through cleansing and super foods.” She also specializes in spewing some of the most bizarre anti-vaxxer rhetoric I’ve seen yet.

In an edited video posted by The Real Truther, Kara offers a never-before-heard theory on why vaccines are bad: God didn’t give any hint of them in the bible.

“I just decided to just google what the bible says about vaccines,” Kara says at the outset of the video.

“There’s nothing in the bible that talks about vaccines.”

According to her theory, if God is all knowing, why isn’t there “any inkling of talk [in the bible] about these things called vaccinations coming into being later to save people?”

“If that was really God’s plan and they’re so amazing, then why isn’t it in there at all?”

Watch the video below:

Internet fear-mongering about the “chemicals” in everything had quite the heyday from around 2012 to 2016, and still enjoys a fairly large presence on the web and social media. While health gurus like the Food Babe made way for the next-level pseudoscience marketing of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, smaller satellite “health bloggers” still try to market claims that have zero scientific merit to any leftover newsfeed scrollers who will listen. Kara’s strange blend of Christianity, bible literalism, and wellness pseudoscience has quite a few people paying attention — many of her videos have tens of thousands of views each.

All we can do is hope her kids grow up healthy.

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