Anti-War Group Code Pink Disrupts John Brennan’s Confirmation Hearing Numerous Times (VIDEO)

Before John Brennan was able to defend Obama’s drone program, his testimony was interrupted by a coordinated series of protests during his nominee hearing on Thursday.

The protesters were confronting Brennan (Obama’s nominee to lead the CIA) for his controversial role in overseeing a drone program that targets terrorists, including U.S. citizens.

The hearing was postponed for a few minutes after protesters, allegedly members of the anti-war group Code Pink, interrupted the proceedings numerous times. Taking turns, they rose to interrupt Brennan as he began his testimony, then continued to interrupt him every time he resumed speaking.

It’s a controversial time for the intelligence community since it was revealed this week that a secret White House memo authorized the killing of U.S. citizens abroad. In light of the fact the memo was leaked, Obama will make the memo available to members of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Watch the protesters’ outbursts in the video below.

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