AOC: College admissions scandal isn’t that different from U.S. elections

Lots of people have weighed in on the college admissions cheating scandal, and to no surprise, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is one of them.

In a tweet from last Tuesday, AOC compared the scheme to the U.S. elections process, saying  that there’s not that much difference.

AOC was responding to a tweet from feminist writer Andi Zeisler, who declared that the scandal provides a good opportunity to have a debate surrounding the wealthy elites’ unfair advantage in the education system.

“Perhaps this is a good time to talk about all the perfectly legal ways the wealthy are both allowed and expected to manipulate college-admissions systems while teaching their children to disparage ‘affirmative action,’” Zeisler tweeted.

AOC replied, saying the elite do the same thing when it comes to elections in the U.S.

“I guess college admissions isn’t that different from elections, where lots of money can buy your spot too,” she tweeted. “Also an enviro where those who make it despite the odds are suspected to not have ‘earned’ it, not truly belong, or assumed to not be able to perform at the same level.”

The fallout from the scandal, which involves actresses Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman and several other high-profile figures, continues to grow. According to various reports, some parents accused of cheating to get their children into prestigious colleges are facing lawsuits and federal criminal charges.

Both Loughlin and Huffman were charged Tuesday. Loughlin posted bond of $250,000 while Huffman’s bond was $1 million.

Featured image via screen grab/MSNBC

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