AOC responds to Trump’s claim he can’t be legally impeached: ‘Bye’

Speaking to ABC News this Sunday, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said that pressure is ramping up on Congress to start impeachment proceedings against President Trump, but added that she’s worried some will do what’s politically expedient and not what the rule of law requires.

“I think every day that passes, the pressure to impeach grows and I think that it’s justifiable, I think the evidence continues to come in and I believe that with the president now saying that he is willing to break the law to win reelection that transcends partisanship, that transcends party lines and this is now about the rule of law in the United States of America,” she told ABC’s Jonathan Karl.

Later in the segment, AOC was asked about the Democrats’ prospects for the 2020 election.

“I think that we have a very real risk of losing the presidency to Donald Trump if we do not have a presidential candidate that is fighting for true transformational change in the lives of working people in the United States,” she replied.

As soon as AOC’s words began circulating, Trump took to Twitter and claimed that Dems are using the spectacle of impeachment to get votes, saying that he agrees with AOC’s assessment that Dems could lose in 2020, adding that it’s “the only reason they play the impeach card, which cannot be legally used!”

AOC fired back, tweeting to the president, “You may fool the rest of the country, but I’ll call your bluff any day of the week.”

“Opening an impeachment inquiry is exactly what we must do when the President obstructs justice, advises witnesses to ignore legal subpoenas, & more,” she wrote, before adding, “Bye” with a waving hand emoji.


During the ABC segment, AOC was also asked about the recent outreach from Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who offered to find bipartisan solutions particularly in regards to over-the-counter birth control.

“We haven’t met in person yet, but I do know that we have an ongoing working relationship and I’m extraordinarily excited in seeing what we can accomplish,” she said.

“Never thought I’d say it,” she added with a smile.

Featured image via screen grab/ABC News 

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