Arizona Christian dad ‘sacrificed’ the family dog to appease God for daughter’s sins

A Christian Arizona man allegedly “sacrificed” his dog to the “Lord” because his daughter was caught wearing a satanic shirt.

Patrick Zane Thompson, 42, said “he needed to sacrifice a male, either himself, his son (6 years old) or the family dog,” and allegedly grabbed the poodle, strangled him and threw it into the family business’s smoker grill.

ABC-15 News says Thompson snapped and attempted to grab the dog as it tried to flee. He then seized his daughter, but the family pleaded with him until he released the girl and “promised not to harm the dog,” but he strangled the dog instead.

When police arrived, Thompson was making erratic comments like he did it “for the God” and that the “devil made him do it.”

Patrick Zane Thompson
Patrick Zane Thompson (Photo: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office)

Thompson said to police that he “smoked marijuana” and had an “episode,” which caused him to flipped out and kill the family pet. He also claimed that while reading the Bible, he had a vision that “something bad was going to happened to his family and that the lord was going to kill him,” and a male sacrifice had to be made.

According to ABC-15 News, Thompson is facing multiple animal cruelty charges, along with assault and making threats.

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