Arizona GOP Senate candidate says he’ll vote for judges who oppose the right to birth control

An anti-abortion GOP Senate candidate in Arizona wants to overturn a case that established the right birth control access, Business Insider reports.

On his campaign website, Blake Masters, who is Catholic, declares that he’s “100% pro-life” and “Roe v. Wade was a horrible decision.”

“It was wrong the day it was decided in 1973, it’s wrong today, and it must be reversed. But the fight doesn’t stop there,” the website reads, adding that Masters will “vote only for federal judges who understand that Roe and Griswold and Casey were wrongly decided, and that there is no constitutional right to abortion.”

As Insider points out, in 1965, the Griswold case overturned a statewide ban on birth control and protected citizen’s rights to privacy against state restrictions on contraceptives.

In a statement to Insider, Griswold claimed that he doesn’t “support a state law or federal law that would ban or restrict contraception — period.”

“And Griswold was wrongly decided. Both are true,” he said.

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