Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Reverses Herself on Obamacare: ‘You have to Look at the Math’

Arizona governor Jan Brewer was once a Tea Party hero, making her name on Fox News as a fierce opponent of President Obama’s healthcare reform, even appearing at CPAC to rail against the evils of Obamacare.

But ever since she announced in her State of the State Address this year that she would accept Obamacare and expand Medicaid — whether Republicans liked it or not — her conservative bonafides came crashing down in the eyes of her former GOP allies.

Brewer’s shift towards Obamacare was so absolute that she promised to veto every single bill the legislature sent to her office until they accepted Obamacare as well.

“We were all so adamant that we didn’t like Obamacare. We fought tooth and nail. But there comes a time when you have to look at the reality. You have to look at the math,” Brewer said in an interview with POLITICO. “It’s not only a mathematical issue, but it’s a moral issue.”

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