Armed man who showed up to Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial identified as former cop who was fired for stalking

A man calling himself “Maserati Mike” who showed up to the Kenosha County Courthouse carrying a long rifle this Wednesday has been identified as a former Missouri police officer who was fired, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

Jesse T. Kline confirmed his identity to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, along with Ferguson Police Chief Frank McCall Jr., who confirmed to the Sentinel that “this is former Officer Jesse Kline who was terminated by the Ferguson Police Department several years ago.”

Kline has been seen outside the courthouse as the jury deliberates Rittenhouse’s fate. On Wednesday, Kenosha County sheriff’s deputies asked him to put the rifle away and he complied.

Kline was arrested in August 2018 in St. Louis for allegedly following a woman he had been in a romantic relationship with to another man’s home.

“Kline jumped out of the man’s backyard and pointed a gun at him. When the man refused to listen to Kline, Kline poked the man in the chest with the barrel of the gun,” KSDK reported at the time.

“Kline then called the woman ‘vulgar names’ and drove away from the home,” the report said.

Kline, off duty at the time of the incident, was charged with stalking, unlawful use of a weapon and assault.

For an interesting update to this story, watch the video below:

Former Ferguson cop who showed up with a rifle yesterday and was asked to put it away shows up with a rifle bag containing a large dildo today. from PublicFreakout

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