Army veteran calls bullsh*t on Sheriff David Clark’s shiny uniform medals

Various reports say that controversial Milwaukee sheriff David Clark has accepted an offer from the Trump administration to become the next deputy secretary of Homeland Security. Most people would agree that this is a scary prospect, considering Clark’s fascist and authoritarian-type perspective on things.

But there’s another critique being leveled President Trump’s favorite sheriff, and it comes from army veteran Charles Clymer. In a rant posted to Twitter this Wednesday, Clymer says the medals Clark sports on his uniform when he’s not wearing his patented suit and cowboy hat are not legitimate.

“Look at this f*cking guy’s uniform,” Clymer started out. “You see all that sh*t pinned all over his dress uniform jacket? That’s not supposed to be there.”

According to Clymer, medals are supposed to be earned, not worn as “a sloppy assortment of badge replicas arranged neatly, [that] looks imposing.” Essentially, he characterized Clark’s flashy assortment of medals as an act of stolen valor.

Featured image via YouTube

Sky Palma

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