Around 150 people show up to ‘Million Unmasked March’

This Saturday, around 150 demonstrators gathered outside the state capitol in Springfield, Illinois, to march in opposition to a state guidance that says face masks will be required in schools this fall, the New York Times reports.

The event was named the “Million Unmasked March” and was made up of parents and teachers who think face mask requirements are cruel and inhumane.

“I don’t see why we need to put them in masks and give them the potential for psychological problems down the road,” Michael Rebresh, organizer of the march said. “And of course the potential of giving them more health problems down the road.”

According to WCIA, one protester was arrested by Springfield Police after she spit on a counter-protester carrying a sign that read, “Where are the other 999,000?”

“Asymptomatic, if i am asymptomatic, and you make that call, and i assume you are asymptomatic, if we are both asymptomatic, then why are we even wearing masks. We already got it,” Rebresh said.

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