As president, Ben Carson promises to end the non-existent ‘ban on Christianity in public schools’

Dr. Ben Carson has stooped to saying anything for votes in the face of his flagging campaign and Super Tuesday. Considering that this is the precisely the same strategy he has used to achieve his present results, it’s unlikely this will suddenly work in his favor.

His most recent attempt at pandering to his devoutly Christian voter base occurred during a conversation with Pat Robertson at Regent University. Dr Carson said that, if he’s elected president, he would do everything within his power to get rid of the “ban on Christianity in our public schools.”

From Patheos:

There’s obviously no ban on Christianity in public schools.

If there is, someone should tell the Fellowship of Christian Athletes… or any after-school Bible study group. Someone should tell all those students who read the Bible during lunch or down time in class. Or the kids who pray in class before a test. Someone should tell all the football players and cheerleaders who promote Christianity during games.

If by dismantling the “ban on Christianity” he means “the entire First Amendment,” than Ben Carson certainly has made a very bold promise. If he miraculously does become president, he’ll certainly have his work cut out for him.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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