Audience interrupts Trump mid-sentence to sing the National Anthem as he rants about Jan 6 at Texas rally

As Donald Trump was speaking at a rally in Texas Saturday night, the crowd interrupted the former president mid-sentence and started inexplicably singing the National Anthem.

Trump was in the middle of expressing his usual grievances against the Jan 6 committee and their investigation, the broke into the Anthem, prompting Trump to nod his head in approval and step back until the singing died down.

“Wow that’s so beautiful. You know when this whole big group stood up, I said, ‘Oh we have protesters.’ And you know what? They are protesting. They are protesting what’s taking place in our country, and it’s so bad, and so wrong,” Trump said after the singing stopped.

During the rally, President Donald Trump passed out MAGA hats and launched into a speech with ominous warnings about migrants invading the country.

“We have immigrants coming in. It’s like an army,” Trump said. He added later, “They are storming our country. They are storming our borders.”

Sky Palma

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