AUDIO: Bill Cosby had a comedy routine that talked enthusiastically about drugging women’s drinks

This week, the Village Voice’s Alan Scherstuhl tracked down a 1969 comedy routine where Bill Cosby discusses “Spanish fly,” which is an urban legend about an aphrodisiac substance that’s slipped into unwitting women’s drinks at bars or parties.

It always happens when you’re 13, only when you’re 13 on up ’til when you get married. Guys standing around and talking about Spanish fly.

“You know anything about Spanish fly?” “No, tell me about it.”

“Well there’s this girl Crazy Mary, you put some in her drink man, she, ‘Haaaaaaaaaaaaah.'”

“Oh yeah, that’s really groovy man, Spanish fly is groovy, yeah.”

From then on, any time you see a girl: “Wish I had some Spanish fly.”

Go to a party see five girls standing alone: “Boy if I had a whole jug of Spanish fly, I’d light that corner up over there. HAAAAAAH.”

Cosby then went on in the routine to talk about his excitement when he found out that he’d be filming on location in Spain:

A childhood dream come true… I said, “Hey Bob, you know what I’m going to pick up in Spain? He said, “Spanish fly.”


h/t: Gawker

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