Author outed for selling child-beating tools on black market for fundamentalist Christian parents

Ten years ago, Steve Haymond, a fundamentalist Christian who sold “chastening instruments” to deliver “the right amount of sting” to disobedient children, was forced to close his website due to public outrage.

The instruments were 9 inch by 1 1/2 inch polyurethane sticks and according to Haymond’s biblical child training website, were the most effective way to discipline children. Now after a 10-year absence, Haymond has returned and he’s trying to conduct business off the grid and out of the eye of the internet. He recently sent out letters announcing that he is back in business, but asking that his clients keep his return a secret from the web.

Podcaster Phil Ferguson got a hold of one of the letters Haymond is using to rally his former customers.

While it is not entirely clear if anything can be done to stop Haymond from selling his child abuse instruments, many are hoping that circulating his letter will help to put a damper on his business and ruin his day.

Isadora Teich

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