AWKWARD: Minister halts wedding ceremony and angrily asks photographers to leave

There’s no doubt that wedding photographers have to deal with a lot of annoying personality types. But the last person you’d think they’d catch ‘hell’ from is the minister officiating the wedding — right in the middle of the couple reciting their vows.

Some painfully awkward video has surfaced which shows just that. In the video, everything seems to be going fine. But seemingly out of nowhere, the minister turns around and angrily commands the photographers capturing the moment to move elsewhere.

“This is a solemn assembly, not a photography session,” the minister firmly chastises the photographers. “Please move, or I will stop.”

Clearly puzzled and shocked, the photographers can be heard asking the minister to clarify himself. “This is not about the photography,” the minister snaps back as the couple looks on in horror. “This is about God.”


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