Ben Carson is furious Obama hasn’t formed a coalition to fight ISIS, even though Obama has

World Net Daily is probably one of the most entrenched conspiracy theory websites on the Internet. The topics they post range between some of the most loony anti-vaccine craziness, to connecting partisan politics to biblical end-times theology, to the most Alex Jonesian-type rants against the New World Order. The only difference between WND and other nutbag conspiracy sites is that WND always finds a way to link their hysteria to Democrats.

Regardless of their particular brand of fringe insanity, they’re able to persuade some fairly mainstream conservative figures to write columns for them, and one of those figures is potential 2016 GOP candidate, Ben Carson.

Recently, Carson has used his voice on WND to demand that the U.S. use “every military apparatus we have: banking facilities, sanctions, you name it,” against ISIS, adding that he “would not hesitate to put boots on the ground, because nothing should be off the table.”

As the United States works to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, we are also dealing with ISIS as a formidable enemy that threatens our way of life. Every resource available should be used to eradicate the threat of ISIS while it is still in its adolescent stage. That means using every military apparatus we have: banking facilities, sanctions, you name it. And I would not hesitate to put boots on the ground, because nothing should be off the table.

This whole concept of “no boots on the ground because of what happened in Iraq” is silly. The threat Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida posed at that time was on a completely different level from what we are looking at now. It is immature to equate the two in terms of reactions. ISIS wants to destroy our way of life and us. We have two choices: We can sit back and wait for them, or we can use the resources we have to destroy them.

We need to be the leader and take serious action. I am extraordinarily concerned about the fact that we are not responding to the barbaric acts that are taking place, as there is a tremendous leadership void. A coalition will form if it has a leader.

I would commit everything to eliminating ISIS right now. We have to make sure that our military, which is extremely talented and maintains very good leadership, is not put into a compromised position where we are trying to micromanage things. Otherwise, we will be exposing many people to a state of grave danger.

The interesting thing about Carson’s rhetoric is that he seems completely unaware that a multi-national coalition led by the U.S. has been formed against ISIS, and is currently carrying out military operations. All one has to do to find this out is google “U.S.-led airstrikes against ISIS,” and you find a pretty substantial amount of information on the subject.

But when you’re writing on a website that caters to conspiracy theories, research and facts aren’t part of the equation.

h/t Right Wing Watch

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