#BenCarsonWikipedia is trending on Twitter and it’s hilarious

Good job, Twitter. You always deliver.

Ben Carson has some curious takes on facts that sane people take for granted.

For instance, he sincerely believes that Joseph from the Bible built the Egyptian Pyramids, insists that the Founding Fathers had no political experience (patently untrue), and  therefore he would be just fine as president — hell, he even has been caught telling massive lies about his own life, including  his multiple claims that he received a full ride to West Point, and was personally invited there by General Westmoreland.

Well, Twitter, as is typical of that bastion of glorious mockery, has decided to have some fun with Dr. Carson’s delusions and lies this week. The hashtag #BenCarsonWikipeida has come up with “facts” that would only exist in the mysterious brain of Ben Carson.

Here are just a few of the funnier tweets:

Good job, Twitter. You always deliver.

[Raw Story] Featured image via screen capture from Twitter



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