Bernie Sanders becomes the first Jew (possibly atheist) to win a presidential primary

With his decisive victory in New Hampshire today, Bernie Sanders has become the first ever Jewish person (although many are fairly convinced he’s actually an atheist) to win a presidential nomination contest. The senator from Vermont handily defeated Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary, while Donald Trump dominated the Republican ballot.

Although he is not specifically involved with any organized religion, Sanders describes himself as “religious” and “spiritual” during the recent town hall debate. Sanders said that his Jewish faith is a “guiding principal” in his life. He is regarded as the first major Jewish presidential candidate, and if elected, he would be the United States’s first non-Christian president.

With the final numbers from New Hampshire still being calculated, it appears that Sanders decisively beat Clinton. Current numbers have him winning with 59 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 39 percent.

Clinton still holds large leads in Nevada and South Carolina, which are the next two primaries states to vote, despite Sanders recent gain of momentum. He lost the Iowa caucus by an incredibly small margin last week, but may quickly pick up momentum for the rest of the primary process.

Donald Trump won the New Hampshire Republican Primary by a large margin, which was expected as he was dominating the polls in the state for some time. The biggest story of the Republican primary is John Kasich’s second place finish, leaving Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush fighting for third place.

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