Bernie Sanders’ former press secretary aims to set the record straight in emotional tweetstorm

The former national press secretary for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign took to Twitter this Monday, letting her thoughts be known about the ideological split that currently plagues the Democratic National Convention.

Symone D. Sanders took direct aim Sanders supporters whose anti-Hillary Clinton sentiment is so strong that they plan to sit out the election, even at the cost of handing Donald Trump the White House – a sentiment that has been only strengthened when hacked emails were leaked revealing certain DNC staffers to be biased against Sanders during the primary battles.

In a tweetstorm that gained a significant amount of attention, she addressed the claim that the primaries were “rigged” in favor of Clinton, adding that aside from the clear examples of bias, the “hard reality for some” is that the Sanders camp lost fair and square.

“NO ONE STOLE THIS ELECTION!” she declared, adding that the Sanders team did “amazing work” but didn’t have what it needed to pull out a win:

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