Biden knocks Trump with pic of packed drive-in rally: ‘Who let all these people in my basement?’

joe biden/twitter

In a post to his Twitter account this Saturday, Joe Biden shared a picture of one of his “drive-in” rallies, showing a throng of cars with supporters popping their heads out to hear him speak.

“Who let all these people into my basement?” the tweet reads, which is a clear message to Republicans who claim the turnout on Biden’s campaign trail is less-than-stellar.

After taking his campaign almost entirely online when the coronavirus pandemic hit, Biden has been the target of pro-Trump operatives falsely claiming he’s been “hiding in his basement.”

As expected, the post was met with praise from Biden’s most loyal supporters.

“Don’t let them distract you,” his running mate Kamala Harris commented. “Don’t let them discourage you. Stay focused and get everyone you know to go vote.”

His former 2020 campaign opponent Pete Buttigieg chimed in as well.

“One party is trying to make it harder for Americans’ votes to count,” he wrote. “That’s about all you need to know.”

Some of Biden opponents still weren’t buying it, however.

“There is (sic) about 200 people there. Sad self own,” wrote right-wing pundit Carmine Sabia.

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