Biden to Republicans who call his spending ‘socialist’ but then request funds: ‘There’s a lot of socialist Republicans in Congress’

Speaking at a Volvo powertrain plant in Hagerstown, Maryland, President Joe Biden took a shot at Republicans in Congress who requested federal funds for their districts after voting against the very bills that made the funds possible.

Biden pointed out how Republicans slammed the bills as “socialist,” but that didn’t stop Arizona GOP Rep. Paul Gosar from reaching out to the White House times in search of the funds.

“He’s written three separate letters to the administration asking for projects in his district. He says it enhances the quality of life, it’d ease congestion, boosts the economy? He voted against it, said it’s all socialism,” Biden said.

Biden also called out Kentucky GOP Rep. Andy Barr, who called his administration’s infrastructure legislation “the biggest socialist agenda.”

“Three different projects he wants, citing the importance of safety and growth in his district. Socialism? I didn’t know there were that many socialist Republicans,” he said.

“Folks … you can’t make it up —I gotta say I was surprised to see so many socialist Republicans in Congress,” Biden said.

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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