Bill Maher and Michael Moore vow to join forces to keep Trump out of the White House

Michael Moore and Bill Maher vowed on Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher to “take down” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump before he reaches the White House.

Moore, the documentary filmmaker and director of Where to Invade Next, pleaded with Bill to stop the real estate mogul because “no one seems to have a strategy” in preventing him from becoming president.

“You and I are going to take him down. You and I,” Moore told Maher. “No, seriously. This is the end of Donald Trump. He is not going to the White House. You tell me where to show up, I’ll be there.”

Moore also told of an anecdotal experience in meeting Trump years before announcing his presidential run.

“I was on a show with him 15 years ago, on a talk show, and the producer came over to me and said, ‘Um, Mr. Trump’s afraid to go on the show with you, that you’re gonna do something or say something,’” Moore explained, adding that he then went over to shake Trump’s hand to find him “scared and whiny.”

“A whiny little bitch,” Maher said.


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