Bill Maher: ‘Barr is so far up Trump’s ass, he bumped into Hannity’

During his opening monologue this Friday night, Real Time host Bill Maher addressed recent news surrounding Attorney General William Barr‘s testimony and Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s letter suggesting that Barr was leaving out important “context” to his findings.

“And Barr responded, ‘Well the report was my baby,'” Maher said, “My baby?! I thought Republicans were against killing babies.”

“This Bill Barr is so far up Trump’s ass he bumped into Hannity,” he added.

According to Maher, the Barr hearing wasn’t the big “gotcha” that Democrats think it is, since Barr in the one who enforces the law.

“The Justice Department had a deadline this week to provide the unredacted version of the Mueller report,” Maher said. “They just blew it off. Because this is called owning the libs. It is all they care about. The lamer the excuse, the better.”

Joking about the normalization of lawlessness under the Trump presidency, Maher pointed out that the country is in the midst of a constitutional crisis, the “likes of which we have not seen in three or four days.”

In another quip, Maher said it was “good news” that Trump finally sat down to talk to someone about Russiagate — the bad news is that someone happens to be Vladimir Putin.

“I wish that was the joke,” he said. “That is absolutely true. Usually, they just sext each other.”

“Today, they actually got on the phone for an hour, you know, the famous red phone, the hotline to Moscow. Now it’s a pink princess phone.”

Watch the segment below, via Real Time with Bill Maher:

Featured image: screen grab/YouTube

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