Bill Maher explains why Trump is exactly like a mafia boss

In a segment from his Real Time show that has since gone somewhat viral, host Bill Maher announced that he’s come to a realization: Trump was a “cheap hood all along. A common thug.”

During the conclusion of the New Rules portion of his show, Maher started out by saying New York City needs to stop “exporting its garbage to the rest of America.” But he wasn’t just talking about trash and sewage. “Now the city’s most toxic trash has been carted off to Washington D.C.,” Maher said while pictures of President Trump, Michael Cohen, and Rudy Giuliani flashed on the screen.

“No, New York is not sending us its best people,” he continued. “It’s a great town, but it also breeds  a certain type of obnoxious in-your-face meathead that used to be safely quarantined by the lack of decent pizza west of the Hudson. But now they’ve gotten loose and taken over the whole country.”

Maher said he couldn’t understand why people from “real America” would “like these guys now.”

“How did the salt of the earth people get hooked up with the salt in the wound people?”

“Well here’s my theory,” the comedian said. “You didn’t like it that the country had been ‘taken over’ by liberals and feminists and elites … so you were feeling vulnerable and disrespected, so you brought in some muscle from the East Coast for protection —  and now you’re married to the mob.”

Maher went on to say that the reason former FBI Director James Comey was so “freaked out” by Trump was that he discovered that the U.S. President operates like a mafia don.

“Who does Trump surround himself with? Disposable lawyers and idiot members of his own family. Who’s his worst enemy? The FBI. Where does his money come from? He’s in construction,” Maher said, referencing a line from the mob movie Goodfellas. “Fuggetaboutit — he’s so much like a don, his name is, literally, ‘Don.'”

“What part of this isn’t mob-like? They’re using a legitimate front business, in this case the White House, to enrich the family.”

Maher then ran down the list of Trump associates, comparing them to different characters from classic mafia epics. All the comparisons were perfect.

“As someone who never liked Donald Trump, even before he got into politics, his being president has become quite a revelation. I always thought of him as an ego maniac and a blowhard, But I didn’t realize until this very year that he was a cheap hood all along — a common thug.”

Watch the full segment below, via Real Time with Bill Maher:

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