Bill Maher compares college fraternities to ISIS: ‘A cult is a cult’

According to Real Time host Bill Maher, campus fraternities are a lot like cults, because they give a façade of companionship and community while inducing psychological and mental abuse, sometimes pushing its members to commit violent and immoral acts.

“Jesus, why not just pledge ISIS?” Maher said. “Hey, a cult is a cult, and that’s what a frat is — a place where they strip you of your personality and rebuild it in their image. That’s why when a girl says, ‘I’m dating a frat guy,’ no one ever says, ‘What’s he like?’”

Maher slammed universities that are allowed to operate as “little Vatican cities of depravity” that don’t belong in a civilized society, pointing to National Lampoon’s Animal House.

“In 1978, watching a guy decide whether he should have sex with an out-cold high school girl was something we all considered hilarious,” he argued. “And Bill Cosby still does.”

“You’re not really fraternities anymore, you’re more like that hippie co-op on campus where a house full of Art History majors get stoned and mix a big lentl casserole,” Maher continued. “That’s right, fellas, gather up your beer funnels and your ass paddles and your lacrosse sticks and your big red plastic drinking cups and get the f*ck out.”

Watch the Real Time segment in the video below:

h/t The Raw Story

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