Bill Maher: ‘During the Golden Globes, I was mourning people’s ability to think rationally’

Bill Maher is back, and his closing monologue on HBO’s Real Time this Friday can’t be ignored.

He started out with some advice for the coming year: “Keep laughing.”

“The ‘nothing is funny people’ are trying to take over the world and we can’t let them,” Maher said. He then showed a picture of himself mimicking the infamous photo of Al Franken allegedly groping a woman, except Maher is groping a sleeping Bob Saget. “This is a joke, a joke about another joke.”

He told viewers that if they don’t like his sense of humor, they’re free to change the channel. He then turned to the #MeToo movement.

“I have a penis,” Maher continued.

“And while I admit that having one does predispose a human to to being aggressive and over-sexed, I don’t concede that it makes me automatically wrong about everything, and I say that as a true supporter of the #MeToo movement. I even wore black to the Golden Globes. I was home watching TV but still––I wore black. I was also mourning the ability to think rationally. I’m down with #MeToo, I’m not down with #MeCarthyism.”

Maher’s rant went deep into waters few men would dare to today. Whether you agree with him or not, this is a debate that needs to happen.

Watch the full segment below, via Real Time with Bill Maher:

Featured image via screen grab

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