Bill Maher Goes After “Con Men” Glenn Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity in Hilarious “Real Time” Segment (VIDEO)

On a recent airing of Bill Maher’s show “Real Time” he ended the night with an eye-opening dig at Sarah Palin and her much ballyhooed departure from Fox News.

“Liberals have to stop gloating about Sarah Palin getting dumped by Fox News even though it happened less than a day after Bobby Jindal told his fellow Republicans to ‘stop being the stupid party.’ That’s just a coincidence — a wonderful, hilarious coincidence.”

Maher compared Palin’s departure to another celebrity who was ‘let go’ from Fox News: Glenn Beck. Like Palin, there was much speculation as to why Beck and Fox parted ways, but it clearly wasn’t for a diminished inability to draw in an audience, which many are suggesting was the reason for Palin’s less-than-desirable contract renewal offer.

In the wake of the Fox split, Beck headed off to the internet, making $80 million last year on his subscription-based website which earned him a spot on the Forbes list of highest-paid celebrities, alongside Rush Limbaugh.
Maher went on,

“[Glenn Beck] got fired from Fox News too. But did he curl up into a ball and weep like a baby? Of course he did, this is Glenn Beck we’re talking about. But then he saw an open window — the internet. Who needs Fox News when he could take his patented brand of apocalyptic race-baiting directly to the fans?”

Maher said “con men” like Beck and Limbaugh “don’t care about winning elections. They care about separating rubes from their money. They don’t want a majority — they want a mailing list.”

Maher continued his attack on Beck, Sean Hannity and other conservative celebrity pundits for provoking paranoid conspiratorial thinking in their audiences, profiting immensely from their loyal naiveté

In classic Bill Maher fashion, he closed his rant with a little quip directed towards his friends on the left:

“There’s no comparable industry on the left, dedicated to separating liberals from their cash. I mean, unless you count Whole Foods.”

Video courtesy of Mediaite.

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