Bill Maher: Nunes memo is a Facebook post you’d briefly skim before clicking ‘unfriend’

Now that the Nunes memo has been declassified, Democrats are attacking the memo’s claim that the DOJ and FBI improperly surveilled former Trump adviser Carter Page, saying that it doesn’t contain any bombshells and was only assembled to protect President Trump from Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Bill Maher shared a similar sentiment during the opening monologue to his Real Time show this Friday, telling viewers to “forget Groundhog’s Day, the only large rat-like creature I’m concerned about is Devin Nunes.”

Maher said he doesn’t mean to only singling out Nunes because all Republicans these days are “treasonous rats,” adding that Trump’s declassification of the memo is designed to “make us think that our own top law enforcement people are crooked so Trump can get away with his Russia crimes.”

“The problem is the Republicans talk about this memo like it’s some smoking gun piece of evidence they uncovered — no, they wrote it,” Maher exclaimed. “They uncovered it in their printer.”

“It’s not an intelligence document,” he continued. “It’s a Facebook post that you briefly skim before clicking ‘unfriend.'”

“[The Republicans] did not like what the FBI was finding out about Trump so like the true patriots they are — of Russia — they attacked the FBI and the Justice Department because they’re ‘biased.’ Yes, because they’re in law enforcement and the Trump crime family commits crimes … it’s like saying the exterminator is biased against the termites.”

Watch Maher’s full opening monologue below:

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