Bill Maher on Trump’s Mika tweets: ‘You’re never too rich to be white trash’

During the opening monologue for this Friday’s edition of Real Time, host Bill Maher addressed President Trump’s Twitter attack on MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, saying, “There’s so many important things going on, but never mind all that — Morning Joe is in a Twitter feud with the Real Housewife of Pennsylvania Avenue.”

After giving a brief rundown of the feud in which Trump claimed Brzezinski was “bleeding badly from a facelift” during a visit to Mar-a-lago, the host addressed the apparent bipartisan disgust over the President’s behavior. “That slapping sound you heard yesterday was the entire country going…” Maher then slapped his palm to his forehead.

“Once again Donald Trump has taught this nation a valuable lesson: You can never be too rich to be white trash,” Maher said.

“A little advice Mr. President, a good rule to live by: if you’re gonna go after a woman’s appearance, first make sure you’re not a fat old man with orange face paint pretending to be a blonde at the age of 71,” Maher said, adding that Trump shouldn’t be critiquing Brzezinski’s alleged plastic surgeries when he “glues dryer lint to his head.”

Maher suggested to whoever’s doing the “babysitting” in the White House that they should get Trump a toy cellphone for toddlers, because “this way he can tweet all night long” and there are “no small parts he can choke on.”

“Now we have yet another scandal which is that White House aides are engaged in what looks like extortion on behalf of the President,” he continued, recounting how Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough is now claiming he was threatened by top-level White House officials who said they’d allow a unfavorable National Enquirer story to run if Scarborough and Brzezinski didn’t apologize to Trump. “…to which Trump tweeted back, ‘Psycho Joe called me to stop Enquirer story, I said no,’ thereby confirming he does control the Enquirer.”

“No wonder [Trump] can’t focus on healthcare, he’s editing the Enquirer.”

Watch the full opening monologue below, via Real Time with Bill Maher:

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