Bill Maher shuts down guy asking him to give Trump some slack: ‘It’s a giant con!’

Bill Maher is set to appear in a CNN town hall this Thursday, and preview clip from the event shows things getting slightly heated with a Trump supporter who asked the Real Time host a question.

“The president has been in office barely three weeks,” the Trump supporter said. “Why can’t you guys in the media and Hollywood give him some slack?”

“Because of what he’s done!” Maher asked incredulously.

“But it’s only been three weeks!” the Trump supporter replied.

“It’s a giant con, what he’s done,” Maher shot back. “He ran for the ‘little man.’ And then what does he do? He gets into office, the coal companies can dump sludge in the river. Because, you know, that’s what the ‘little man’ is aching for. Undoing Dodd-Frank, because so many of the town halls in Appalachia, people were standing up and saying, ‘Mr. Trump, please get rid of the Volcker Rule, because if I can’t make certain speculative investments, it’s killing us here!’”

“It’s beyond politics, it’s about sanity,” Maher continued. “It’s about somebody who makes stuff up, who doesn’t read. His information is either anecdotal, or pulled out of his… behind.”

Maher ended his rant by mentioning President Trump‘s false claims that “millions” of illegal voters were responsible for Hillary Clinton‘s winning of the popular vote during the 2016 election.

“That should bother you,” Maher said.

Watch the video below:

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