Bill Maher: So many Republicans defending Trump that ‘GOP’ now stands for ‘Grab Our P*ssies’

During his Real Time opening monologue this Friday night, host Bill Maher asked his audience if there was anyone present who hasn’t been groped by Donald Trump.

“There are a lot of things people don’t like about Hillary Clinton,” Maher said. “But when she rubs you the wrong way, it’s just an expression.”

After giving a brief review of the 2005 Access Hollywood video where a hot mic captured Trump talking about his penchant for sexual assault, Maher nailed the hypocrisy of Trump’s defense.

“And now he’s outraged that women have come forward – ‘How dare you claim I did the things I claim I do.’”

Maher then mocked Trump’s attempts to quash the scandal at the last presidential debate.

“When he tells people that he grabs women’s p*ssies, it’s not really true. ‘I’m not really a rapist, I just say that when I want people to like me… Come on, people – who are you going to believe? Me or me?’”

“So Republicans are in a bit of disarray about this,” Maher continued. “There’s a lot of finger-pointing going on. People are saying, ‘I told you, we shoulda gone with Bill Cosby.’”

But Maher was a little baffled as to why so many GOP-ers are still sticking with the GOP nominee.

“Why? Because the voters are sticking with Donald Trump,” Maher said. “To the Republican base out there, this is not a dealbreaker. ‘GOP’ now stands for ‘Grab Our P*ssies.”

Watch the full monologue below, via Real Time with Bill Maher:

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