Bill Maher Takes on the Pope’s Resignation in Hilarious ‘Real Time’ Segment (VIDEO)

Ending his show this week, Bill Maher took on the surprise resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the Catholic Church in general, saying to Catholics that “if the Pope can quit, it’s okay for you to quit too,.” He went on to say that institutions that are hostile towards women always end up descending into “sexual deviancy,” suggesting it was time to select a female Pope.

Maher quipped that the Pope resigned because the church is looking for a fresh face “somewhere other than a priest’s lap,” and claimed that the influence of the Catholic Church is “dying off just like moose lodges and the Masons, Blockbuster and moderate Republicans.”

Maher then posed an interesting question to any Catholics that may have been watching: “if you’re Catholic but don’t follow anything the Church says, what are you staying for?” He told them “it’s okay to let go,” while questioning why anyone would want to belong to an organization that discriminates so blatantly against women.

Maher ended the segment saying that the church needs a female Pope, offering up both Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey as potential candidates.

But lastly, Maher volunteered his candidacy, pointing out that he was raised Catholic too, but has “no interest in children whatsoever,” and comes with his own “white puff of smoke.”

Watch the “Real Time” segment in the video below.



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